• Web design (development) is my life. Literally. Awake, eating, sleeping, doing laundry, ... I'm always developing/upgrading something (at times, in my mind, right?).

  • Anyways, I don't like templates so I build my sites from scratch, gleaning ideas from my clients thereby ensuring the website is 100% client-oriented.

  • I'm more of a developer though, so I'm always happy when clients already have a design of what they want. I'll just hop on my laptop and tap way.

  • These days, lots of users access web sites via one mobile device or the other. Therefore, I ensure all sites I develop are mobile friendly. This means, my clients don't have to pay for two different web sites but one which will appear great on every type of device.

When your web app has been designed, it needs to be hosted. I can help you to host your web applications (including sites) so has to make it accessible from all over the world.

The web is a great place to be, as such, it's a great place to market one's products. I give advice and directions on how to go about achieving your desired goals on the web.

So, allow me to hold your hand and help you reach your goals.

Mobile apps are for clients who target mobile device users. I design mobile apps for most operating systems including Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Palm, WebOS, etc.

So you already have a web site, huh? No problem. I can help you with maintaining it so as to ensure it is up-to-date. I can help you upgrade it to include whatever new features you desire.