The site is based on a CMS featuring articles/blogs and web pages

An online course centre, featuring information about available courses, cost calculation for courses, and a payment console

This is a site for showcasing photo in a slide with different transition animations. It spots a user panel and online payment

A single page advert site with sliding images of the author and modes of purchase for the book

ACO's old look

I redesigned the college's old website, giving it a more befitting look by bringing to the fore the core feature of the college (red bricks) and organizing the scattered links into categories that can be easily navigated thereby making all pages accessible easily

I also created a content management system (CMS) which allows the pages to be easily updated, doing away with the drudgery that could result from the simple need to add just a sentence or an image.

This is a site where users get prepared for an examination by reading lesson materials, taking quizzes and timed tests.

La Cantera Institute offers foreign language trainings. The site advertizes this, showcasing the services and a visible contact form.

The site is in three (3) different languages and also features an articles (blog) area for up-to-date information for users.